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 The Joy of Movement              
Nefra on Nia

You want fitness, energy, health and fun? Then Nia is for you. Like chocolate, Nia can be very addictive!
Nia – Neuromuscular Integrative Action – is one of the most fascinating dance developments in recent years. A body, mind, spirit fitness fusion, it combines nine movement forms to bring you, the individual, magic.

As a dancer I love the way Nia makes me feel alive, connected with everything, at home in my body, calm, fluid and enabled. I also love that Nia is universal in appeal and suitable for every body ... come and give it a try!

In addition to the open classes below, I am available also for private coaching at a time to suit you. Please contact me if you would like to delve a little deeper into alignment, freedom, ease and enjoyment in your movement. You could invest in your most enduring asset ... your body!

Stay in touch by liking my Facebook Nia with Nefra page, or contact me through my Nefra Dance website.

I look forward to dancing with you!



Nia - Classic

Nia - Classic classes are a great way to unwind, restore and energise, while you increase your cardio health and improve your muscular skeletal range and tone. Expect to get hot, but also to come away feeling lighter, more refreshed and relaxed.
Here's what people say:
" The graceful Nefra guided us through one hour of much needed movement after all of our travels during the past few days. Our moods were quickly transformed from exhausted to energized and this class kept us recharged for the busy afternoon and evening ahead."

Nia - Moving to Heal

Nia - Moving to Heal classes are designed to help you to move to feel better. Whether you are well but feel you need to nurture yourself with gentle movement, recovering from injury or an illness, or need to be partially or wholly seated, in a wheelchair, etc, you are very welcome. the class gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself and your needs in a supportive group where you are free to be yourself.
Here's what people say:

" My favourite is the Nia - Moving to Heal class - Nefra always gives us something special for our body awareness and focus - I feel energised to move on into the day with more readiness yet with ease. That is why I have been doing Nia now for over 7 years."

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About Nia

Nia is fun, energising and refreshing. It promotes wellbeing, weight loss and stress reduction, so you can give up pain and embrace pleasure as you discover the joy of movement!

Nia Demo at the Festival of Mind Body & Spirit in May 2010      Video by David Canning
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What is Nia? Neuromuscular Integrative Action - a body, mind, spirit fitness programme that is adaptable to any age range or fitness level and offers a flexible structure that can be modified to suit individual needs.

It combines a diverse blend of Eastern and Western movements, concepts and philosophies incorporating nine movement forms from the worlds of the healing arts (love), martial arts (mindfulness), and dance (technique).

Nia was created out of a quest for a body-friendly way of moving and revealed that pleasure and joy, rather than pain and guilt are far more effective motivational tools in helping us improve our levels of fitness, enjoyment, participation and adherence.

Who founded Nia? Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas formed Nia and have developed its art, science and magic for over two decades, building it into a world-wide movement.

Why is Nia so good? There are many things that are good for us, but don't feel so great - we do these when we are feeling virtuous. There are also many things that we indulge in, but that don't do us much good. Nia is both good for us and feels good - it's fun, helps us to feel happier, more grounded, calmer and more ready for life. Nia promotes the 5 Stages of development, which help to heal us through engaging with movement that keeps us fit lifelong and addresses any stages of development that we might have missed in learning to walk. This is immensely healing for the body and, when issues relating to the body are addressed, this has a profound effect on the emotions and the psyche.

5-Stages: "Stand"
Nia 5-Stages "Stand"  
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