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Tango & Mindfulness

Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is an improvised dance - a bit like life – and it too requires us to learn to listen, communicate, co-operate and respond. Dance has been shown in scientific studies to benefit us physically, emotionally and mentally, and Tango specifically to aid balance and functional mobility and to help prevent or slow the progression of diseases such as Parkinson’s. This partner dance is one that brings great joy to those who dance it and often it becomes a lifelong dedication and pursuit. The sense of connection that it brings to us fosters natural human contact, trust and communication, breaking down barriers of social awkwardness.

In this technique class for improvers and beginners we study the physical techniques of balance and walking in the Tango manner, playing with the Tango concepts of stepping and pivoting to discover the many steps created by these simple basics. We then examine the dynamics of our own movement and placement to discover the way this impacts on our partners to create invitation and ease of lead and follow. In the process of exploring this sensual partner-dance we begin to understand the correlation between this technique and the mental/emotional practices of presence, connection, communication, clarity, receptivity and the meditative mind.