About Nefra

Photo © Sören Petersen, taken at Hamburg Nia Black Belt training with Ann Christiansen, used by kind permission   

In all my private coaching sessions and in group classes I help the individual to release blockages and realign. My specialisation is in helping to bring physical and energetic alignment, for freedom, expressiveness, and restoration of flow and connection leading to ease.

Introduced to dance at an early age, I found beauty, joy and vitality. This study was key to a sense of poise and effortlessness that I craved. The movements became my meditation. My formal training began before I was five and I have been privileged to learn with and be mentored by some truly great teachers, including the late Mme Cleo Nordi and Cheryl and Dennis Stoll. Once I realised that movement could flow through me, my sense of being connected to everything brought both effortlessness and poise. It is the understanding of how to arrive at these two qualities that informs my teaching.

My training is in classical, contemporary, temple dance and Argentine tango amongst other dance disciplines as well as mime and drama.

I have performed internationally as a dancer and mime artist. My film credits include Miloš Forman's Ragtime with Twyla Tharp.

I have taught since the 1980s (concurrent with my dancing career) - in the UK at Pineapple, Rambert School, London Studio Centre, Ealing YMCA, Gymbox, the Vitality Centre, effraspace, The Tango Club (first in Covent Garden and then at London Bridge), Dalston Tango and Morley College, as well as abroad. I taught, coached and choreographed for Chou Chou Ballet Company.

I have coached and taught students of all ages from mother/baby classes to senior citizens in various disciplines including Ballet, Tumbling, Nia and Tango. I devised classes in Reflective Dance, Relax, Ready to Dance and Técnica, drawing on my knowledge and understanding of ballet, contemporary, tango and temple dancing.

I qualified in Nia as a White Belt in 2007, a Green Belt in 2009, a Blue Belt in 2011, a Brown Belt in 2015 and a Black Belt in 2017, also completing a Seated & Adapted course in 2008 and a Nia - Moving to Heal training in 2016 with a revised training in 2018. Also in 2018 I qualified in Nia FreeDance. In 2019 I gained the 1st Degree Black Belt and also completed the Nia Evolution training.

I have worked with the NHS, Age Concern and Affinity Sutton, and with the Healing Arts Team at the Maudsley Hospital.