Maudsley Site Map

Map of Maudsley Hospital and Grounds

Directions to the Gym

The gym is a separate building in the grounds of the hospital and is accessible via two routes:
  • Enter from the main entrance and reception on Denmark Hill, opposite Kings College Hospital.
    When you inform the receptionist that you have come to do a class at the gym they will buzz you through to a long blue corridor that curves to the right and leads you after several minutes' walk all the way out of the building into the grounds. When you emerge from the building you follow the path to the right. A little way down on your right there is a fair sized building with an entrance on the near long side, up a couple of steps. This is the gym.
  • Coming from Denmark Hill Station, it is quicker to come through the gate on Windsor Walk. Gates are locked at 19:00, so the exit is through the main corridor.