Nia with Nefra
Nia with Nefra - photos © David Canning           

" ... the oasis in my week ..."

I teach movement for the wellbeing of the whole person that is adaptable to all ages and abilities. I encourage you to listen to your body because with attentiveness you can discover postural alignment,
which leads to a sense of connection, ease and joy. Action that comes from correct alignment promotes health and freedom. I share dance techniques that free up your body to transform your relationship with yourself.

" Like having a whole body massage!"

I have a lifelong involvement with dance and an inherent interest in the beneficial effect of movement not only on the body, but on the emotional and mental self. I work with professional and social dancers to improve their technique and love bringing these principles to a wider audience including healthcare practitioners, artists and the NHS.

" My balance has improved"   

I bring my coaching ability to all my classes, allowing you to receive this benefit even in a group class.
My students say that they look forward to classes as an oasis in their week and that they feel energised
and replenished. You can read some press here.

" I feel refreshed - I feel reborn!"

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I look forward to dancing with you!


After class
Nefra after class - photo © David Canning