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Wedding Dances

To Impress with a Dance for That Special Occasion

Nothing expresses the romance of the occasion like your first dance; this should be a natural, relaxed and easy demonstration of your love for one another and of your relationship. Rather than imposing a complicated choreography on you, I work with you to help develop your dance into an expression of your personalities and your relationship. Some love to bring a little humour into the mix, while others like a bit of drama or something very lighthearted. Together we can develop your story with your song.

I use a wide variety of partner dance techniques and steps and introduce you to the concept of how to lead and follow. Once you are comfortable with the mechanics and the dynamics of leading and following your style and preferences begin to emerge and the dance begins to form. The main thing is to have fun on the day and to feel relaxed.

In addition to Wedding Dances, I can help you devise a dance for notable anniversaries special birthdays or any other occasion when you want to take to the floor with confidence and ease.