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Movement Coaching

To Align, Free and Rehabilitate

Body Tuning to Align, Release Tension, Re-tune, Tone, Strengthen and Mobilise

I specialise in bringing attention to the way the body is designed to move. Through this work, it becomes clear that we have many habits that are not born out of awareness and therefore we tend unconsciously to hold patterns in our bodies limiting our freedom and joy of movement. Because the body, mind, emotions and individual spirit are so inter-meshed, inevitably what we find in our bodies also applies to all the other realms.

Movement coaching is equally suitable for those who use their bodies in their work, and therefore need a highly toned, tuned instrument, and for those who use their minds much more and so find that their body is left to pick up the pieces. The expected result is to make us more effective in what we do.

It is excellent for those working in the field of mental health, who often give out so much to others that they find little left for themselves. If this is your profession, working with your own body can help to redress the balance of care and bring greater levels of insight, confidence and groundedness into your work and life.

Whatever your line of work, the lesson will encourage body ease and awareness. Work through your joints to achieve freedom and relaxation from toe to head. Discover your lightness of being!

Details of session durations and costs can be found here.

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What people say:

"When I met Nefra I was impressed by her way of moving her body and the way she was talking about exercise that was totally different to one that I had known till then.

Nefra took me slowly through a series of gentle, organic movements. By repeating habitual patterns of movement, I had ignored the range of possibilities available to me.
My body had suppressed and forgotten its natural grace and integration. With the traditional exercises that I was using to alleviate my symptoms I often forced my body
to act against itself and perpetuate my discomfort.

Nefra’s exercises have developed my body’s range and freedom of movement, releasing constraints and reawakening dormant muscles. By using the appropriate energy for each gesture, they bring relief from pain, at the same time awakening the senses and sharpening my perceptions.

Nefra has made me realize that no matter what my age is, the exercise that I have started to explore daily can release the beautiful and well made individual that I was meant to be."

Theodora Kapsala, Psychotherapist; Hypnotherapist