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Corporate Programmes

To Optimise Efficiency, Communication and Wellbeing at Work

I offer tailor-made programmes for the people working in your organisation to energise your day, whether during office hours or at conferences and special events. In addition to utilising Nia and dance for well-being and team-building, I also offer Argentine Tango based group sessions as a means of improving communication and resolving issues related to leading and following instruction.

At the work place - discover the tangible benefits to your business:

Incentivise staff people will love to come to work
Improve fitness healthy and happy bodies
Increase productivity awake and alert colleagues

At training and conference events - contributing directly to the success of your particular occasion:

Being switched-on delegates will remain energised throughout the day
Becoming related
break down barriers to encourage communication
Building team-spirit
those that fire together, wire together

Individual Movement Coaching sessions are also available to help chosen staff members to be more confident and effective in their delivery, or to learn how to handle stress and remain focused and alert.
To discuss your focus and specific requirements please contact me quoting "Corporate Programmes".