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Care to Care

Social Health & Wellbeing Programmes

This is a programme particularly aimed at groups who may have particular needs. This includes external classes for older age groups run by organisations such as Age Concern, etc. and 'in-house' sessions for service users or staff at hospitals and care homes. I have worked extensively with care homes and in NHS hospitals to bring wellbeing to service users and staff.

For Those Needing Care
This can be working with physical rehabilitation, mental health, or to improve quality of life and mental
acuity and prolong movement independence with older clients in care. The latter is often utilising seated
and adapted movement.

For Carers
I offer classes for the wellbeing of those doing the caring, from hospital and care home staff to those individuals caring for family members. Having myself been a carer, I understand the need to be refreshed
and nurtured in order to return to the demands of caring with a sense of wellness and calm. Additionally
the physical demands of caring sometimes need to be mitigated and redressed.

Please contact me quoting "Care to Care Programme" for details of tailored programmes and costs.