One-to-One and Couple Coaching
I offer one-to-one coaching in movement for health and wellness and in dance for technique. I also offer couple coaching in dancing for special occasions or for improving dance technique.

Cost & Duration of A Private Dance or Movement Coaching Session:
First session is minimum one-and-a-half hours
and thereafter
One hour: £60 - concessions £45
One-and-a-half hours: £85 - concessions £60
Two hours: £105 -  concessions £75 
Two-and-a-half hours: £125 - concessions £90
Three hours: £145 -  concessions £100
Concession prices apply to self-employed/unwaged

About Coaching for a Wedding or Special Occasion Dance:
You can expect to need at least two hours on the first session and probably at least three sessions depending on your requirements, your available time for practice, and your ease of grasping the principles of moving with a partner in a relaxed and effective way. Having said this, I did coach one bridegroom (whose bride was already quite experienced) on the wedding day, about an hour prior to the first dance, so all things are possible!

Group Coaching
Additionally I am available to conduct group sessions for particular occasions or in various settings. These range from social occasions such as dance-themed parties, to wellbeing sessions in offices; motivational sessions at corporate events; and health and wellbeing sessions at hospitals and in care homes, either for staff or service users.

What others say:

“Critical for work in this field is energy. Nefra is energy: energising those with whom she works and with whom she has contact. The dynamics of her work
are fascinating. At the end of Nefra's class ones energy levels are tripled.
Nefra undoubtedly brings a wealth of experience with her, together with innovative ideas. She is ideal for both one-to-one and group work where she empowers individuals according to their capacities. Very highly recommended!”
Stephen Twist