What people say


About Nia with Nefra:

“'As a NHS Mental Health Professional, Nefra's classes have been a wonderful way to get ‘out of my head’ and into my body.

I always leave her classes with a smile on my face and feeling more energised despite having had a workout!

I think Nefra is a really special finding in the dance world. She understands not only the mechanics of the body but also the energetics of the body, meaning she has simple ways to make any movement accessible and more pleasurable.

Above all, she is a wonderfully kind and supportive teacher. I would highly recommend her.'”

Nicole, Clinical Psychologist  


About Classes with Nefra:

“I have been a regular pupil of Nefra's in both her Nia and Ready to Dance classes since April 2008. She is an excellent teacher, bringing a healing and developmental aspect to
her movement classes.
The classes provide excellent exercise, but are also extremely effective in developing self awareness of how one use one's body, contributing to both long term health and creativity. The classes are also tremendous fun!”

Deborah Henry-Pollard 


About Coaching with Nefra:

“Critical for work in this field is energy. Nefra is energy: energising those with whom she works and with whom she has contact. The dynamics of her work
are fascinating. At the end of Nefra's class ones energy levels are tripled.
Nefra undoubtedly brings a wealth of experience with her, together with innovative ideas. She is ideal for both one-to-one and group work where she empowers individuals according to their capacities. Very highly recommended!”
Stephen Twist       


About Movement Coaching with Nefra:

"When I met Nefra I was impressed by her way of moving her body and the way she was talking about exercise that was totally different to one that I had known till then.

Nefra took me slowly through a series of gentle, organic movements. By repeating habitual patterns of movement, I had ignored the range of possibilities available to me.
My body had suppressed and forgotten its natural grace and integration. With the traditional exercises that I was using to alleviate my symptoms I often forced my body
to act against itself and perpetuate my discomfort.

Nefra’s exercises have developed my body’s range and freedom of movement, releasing constraints and reawakening dormant muscles. By using the appropriate energy for each gesture, they bring relief from pain, at the same time awakening the senses and sharpening my perceptions.

Nefra has made me realize that no matter what my age is, the exercise that I have started to explore daily can release the beautiful and well made individual that I was meant to be."

Theodora Kapsala, Psychotherapist; Hypnotherapist       


About Classic Nia with Nefra

" The graceful Nefra guided us through one hour of much needed movement after all of our travels during the past few days. Our moods were quickly transformed from exhausted to energized and this class kept us recharged for the busy afternoon and evening ahead."


About Nia - Moving to Heal::

" My favourite is the Nia - Moving to Heal class - Nefra always gives us something special for our body awareness and focus - I feel energised to move on into the day with more readiness yet with ease. That is why I have been doing Nia now for over 7 years."